Cleveland Investigation Continues

New info has surfaced regarding the NFL Human Resources investigation into Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield’s job duties.  The 2nd year quarterback has clocked hundreds of overtime hours since the start of the pre-season, thanks to a bullet point that reads “Other duties as assigned” on his contract.  Eyewitnesses have reported that Mayfield makes the majority of game day food at FirstEnergy Stadium and also is responsible for turf upkeep and plumbing repairs.

Now sources close to Browns are implying that Baker and Mrs. Mayfield are actually living at FirstEnergy Stadium. NFL HR will be conducting a deep dive into the pay scale for rookies and second year players. “We want to ensure that all of our players are earning a living wage,” revealed an anonymous HR payroll specialist. “Mr. Mayfield and his family should not have to live at his place of employment. The NFL as an organization will do everything in its power to ensure that Mr. Mayfield is fairly compensated.”

Stay tuned to this ground breaking compensation investigation!


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