Most Likely Teams for Antonio Brown

As we all knew in our hearts, WR Antonio Brown is not ready to retire from football.

Let’s take a look at the most likely teams that Antonio Brown could end up on.

  • Arizona Cardinals: With a rookie QB this year, the Cards could use some more options at receiver so Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t have to be on the field for every single play. That’s exhausting, sometimes a man just want to drink some Gatorade and catch his breath.
  • Carolina Panthers: Less likely, rumor is AB and Sir Purr have been feuding offline.
  • Chicago Bears: AB reportedly thinks bears are “the $*!%”.
  • Cleveland Browns: All the hype has been around Cleveland this year! If AB can get over the crazy amount of overtime some Browns are expected to put in, it could be a match made in heaven. Also the team is already named after AB.
  • Cincinnati Bengals: AB can rock orange like u wouldn’t believe! If he wants to cement his status as a NFL fashion icon, this could be mutually beneficial.
  • Dallas Cowboys: Cowboys off to a great start this season, but the next few weeks will be challenging.
  • Denver Broncos: Broncos are stacked at running back but could use more depth at receiver.
  • Detroit Loins: As a college athlete at Central Michigan, AB has fond memories of rooting for the Detriot Loins.
  • Golden State Warriors: You never know, right? AB keeping his options open.
  • Green Bay Packers: With Davante Adams out with turf toe, the Packers are down to 10 super star receivers. Gotta get that number back up to 11.
  • Houston Texas: Awesome city.
  • Indianapolis Clots: AB loves teams named after deadly animals and stuff, what’s more deadly than a clot??
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: As a huge fan of the hit NBC comedy The Good Place, AB would be honored to lend his support to the Jags.
  • Kansas City Other Footballs: With a little attitude improvement, AB could fit right in with Andy Reid’s offense.
  • Los Rams: This cool Spanish team could use an experienced receiver to help in their quest for an undefeated season!
  • Les Chargers: Cool, a French team! AB was in France this summer and brushed up on his French, so he’ll fit right in.
  • Miami Dolphins: Fun Fact, AB was born in Miami! Sometimes u gotta go back to you’re roots!
  • Minnesota Vikings: AB’s agent and health adviser has advised that the chilly Minnesota winter would be the perfect natural cryotherapy.
  • New Orleans Saints: Who wouldn’t want to play in New Orleans? Their team chef makes jambalaya twice a week!
  • New York Giants: AB has been vocal about his belief that Peyton is the best Manning. With Eli benched, AB would be willing to lend his aid to the 1-2 Giants.
  • New York Jets: When u lose ur starting QB, you have to add talent to ur team in other areas. A four-time pro-bowler may be perfect for the job!
  • New York Buffalos: Another good cryotherapy location. It’s like the fountain of youth for athletes, as we can see with their 3-0 start to the season.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: AB is super picky about his helmets, and he happens to think the Eagles have the best helmets in the NFL. Those eagle wings are dope.
  • Seattle Seahawks: This could be a great fit, but Pete Carroll thinks Antonio Brown is just a myth.
  • Tennessee Titans: Tennessee Titans.
  • Washington Footballs: The 0-3 Footballs are looking to turn their season around. Could AB be the breath of fresh air they need?
Check out the camouflage jersey in the center!

Prepared as always, NFL employees have worked extra hours this week to prepare every possible Antonio Brown jersey for this season. No matter what team he ends up on and whichever month he starts, his jersey will be ready for him.

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