Raw Deals for NFL Players in Commercials

Game Day Sunday is chock full of commercials featuring our fave football players! The most popular footballers are often asked to become spokespeople for various companies so they can tell the world about their most-trusted brands. But what other duties come with being a brand ambassador?

Prior to his retirement, Denver Bronco Quarterback Peyton Manning was putting in shifts at Papa John’s Pizza. Food service schedules are tough! One night he was scheduled to deliver pizzas at the same time as he was supposed to be playing a Thursday night game. Papa John was a real a-hole when it came to making the schedule. Now that he’s retired from football, Manning no longer has schedule conflicts with his second career.

Kansas City Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked to be a spokesperson for Head and Shoulders, the premiere dandruff company. He didn’t have dandruff before, but his new contract requires him to have dandruff at all times. It may be passive income, but Mahomes has said he would rather be making pizzas.

In order to become a spokesperson for Progressive, Cleveland Brown quarterback Maker Bayfield had to reveal that he and his wife are living at his place of employment. They had to disclose their address in order to get Progressive car insurance, and the rest is history. The NFL human resources department is still investigating hours and wages in Cleveland.

Retired Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Tony Romo became a spokesperson for Corona, and then they immediately transferred him to a desert island. He’s just stuck there with a telephone and a bunch of crappy beer. He obviously has to answer the phone when it rings because it might be someone asking for his location so they can airlift him out. But it never is, it’s always some dweeb asking him about beer or football, and then they hang up before Tony Romo can ask for help!

Tony Romo’s workstation in paradise!

It can be tough to break into the commercial scene if you aren’t a QB. Kansas City Pro Bowl Safety Eric Berry is featured in the new Crucial Catch commercials for the NFL and American Cancer Society. Part of being a spokesperson in this ad meant that he had to get cancer. Worst job ever! 😦

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