One Week Until Fantasy Football Season

Breaking news! Only one more week to make your fantasy football leagues!

We know, you’ve been dragging your feet because you weren’t sure if there would even be a fantasy football season. But fantasy football is ready to go, baby! As NFL Quarterback Jimmy G would say.

In these uncertain times, fantasy football is as safe as you can get. In fact, fantasy football is even safer than actual NFL real-life football with live players. Fantasy Football is ideal for our New Normal. Here is why the NFL should move away from in-person football and do fantasy football instead.

  • Real-life football doesn’t always allow for social distancing. When Houston Texas J. J. Watt runs up to sack New Orleans St. Drew Brees, he has to break the six-foot rule! But with Fantasy Football, the players on ur team might not even be in the same stadium! They could be in completely different states! Whoa!!
  • With in-person NFL football, players make some gnarly plays and sometimes they get hurt : ( With Fantasy Ftotball, the players are in different places, so they can’t run into each other! That’s 347% safer!
  • Real IRL football stadiums might not allow fans into the stadium. (Thanks a lot, Covid.) And we all know nothing beats going to a football game and having a beer and a dog! With Fantasy Football, u can watch ur players from the comfort of your own home while enjoying a beer and a dog. Win win!
  • Mascots, am i right? Hate to love ’em or love to hate ’em. Sometimes their adorable antics just steal the show and people forget to watch the actual game! Well, for better or worse, Fnatasy Football has no mascots.
  • Real-People NFL football is expensive! You have to pay folks to run the stadium, serve food, collect tickets, etc. Not everyone is as lucky as the Cleveland Browns, who have worked all those responsibilities into Quarterback Baker Mayfield’s contract. Fantasy Football reduces expenses because the only people are the ones on your team!
Your QB Tom Brady (of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!) throws a touchdown to your Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks! Great job social distancing! 6 feet? More like 6000 feet!

In the next week, keep a look-out for Roger Goodell to announce the transition to a fantasy only season! Good luck with ur fantasy drafts, everyone!

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