100th Post

This marks our 100th post at athlete in space! In case you missed the advertisements and logos, this football season is the 100th season of NFL football! Happy birthday, NFL! Better call the fire department when you light all those candles, lol.

In honor of the 100th season and our 100th post, here are 100 one hundreds about football! One Hundred is…

  1. The number of yards in a football field.
  2. The number of quarterbacks the New York Jets plan to start in 2019.
  3. The number of distressed wood signs that say, “In this house, we love each other and root for the [insert NFL team here]” sold every second during football season.
  4. The average age of John Madden.
  5. The number of Tide pods consumed by former tight end Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski prior to filming last season’s Tide commercial.
  6. The number of truck commercials shown every 10 minutes.
  7. The number of overtime hours clocked by Baker Mayfield each week for stadium repairs.
  8. The record number of players on the field during a “too many players on the field” flag.
  9. The average number of flags thrown per game of the 2019 season.
  10. The number of adjectives used per season in the Sunday Night Football song.
  11. The number of footballs chucked into the crowd per game.
  12. The number of Sir Purr mascot sightings we wish could happen every week.
  13. The record number of barbecue wings consumed by Andy Reid in one sitting.
  14. The number of delay of game flags thrown on the Packers each season.
  15. The number of “D” and “fence” signs shown per game.
  16. The amount in gallons of Gatorade dumped on coaches each weekend.
  17. The number of dogs each weekend who are forced to wear the jersey of a team they secretly don’t like.
  18. The number of people who think the Pittsburgh throwback uniforms look cool.
  19. The number of new mascot suggestions given to the Washington team before they settled on the “Washington Footballs”.
  20. The age at which Tom Brady is expected to retire from the Quarterback position.
  21. The number of cheese curds consumed in Wisconsin per minute of a Packers game.
  22. The number of team falcons that fly out of the stadium each year, never to return, at the start of Atlanta Falcons games.
  23. The number of times Brett Favre officially retired and then changed his mind before actually retiring.
  24. The number of times the Jacksonville Jaguars brought an actual jaguar to the game before deciding that a person in a costume was a less violent solution.
  25. The number of times “Crazy Train” is played in the stadium per game.
  26. The number of hoodies owned by Coach Bill “Hoodie-Man” Belichick.
  27. The length of time in minutes of the longest touchdown celebration (when the Miami Dolphins offense performed Hamlet in its entirety).
  28. The number of feels had by the average viewer per game.
  29. The average wait time in minutes for a stadium hot dog during half time.
  30. The number of people who move to Florida every day and bring with them an allegiance to an NFC North team.
  31. The number of teams originally in the NFC North.
  32. The number of different TV commercials Peyton Manning has appeared in since 2015.
  33. The number of people in Colorado who think John Elway is just a myth.
  34. The average weight (in pounds) of fan mail received by Tom Brady each week.
  35. The number of times the Raiders staff asked Antonio Brown not to freeze his feet.
  36. The number of Gatorade Specialists required on each team’s staff to keep players hydrated.
  37. The number of “Share this Coke with a [insert team here] fan” given ironically every day.
  38. The average number of hours each NFL referee spends on professional development every decade.
  39. The number of sports teams currently sharing the Oakland Coliseum for sporting events.
  40. The number of time a fan says “Awwwwwww!” per game when they make a rare #SirPurrSighting.
  41. The number of football teams worldwide that considered moving to Los Angeles after the Rams made their move.
  42. The number of times Alaska has petitioned Congress for a football team (sorry, folks, contiguous states only).
  43. The average hours of game play required in Madden NFL ’20 to unlock the Seattle Seahawks “12th Man” perk that lets you have an extra player on the field at all times.
  44. The number of time each weekend people ask “What is a Cleveland Brown?”
  45. The number of times per minute Siri lies about the score of a football game.
  46. The amount of hard alcohol (in liters) consumed by fantasy football losers each weekend.
  47. The number of beer cans chucked at a television each week during Miami Dolphins games.
  48. The number of dolphins in Miami who wish the football team wasn’t named after them.
  49. The number of dolphins in Miami who think the new Miami logo is better than the old one.
  50. The number of cameras broken on the field each weekend due to player impacts with the camera technician.
  51. The average number of free labor hours needed to shovel Lambeau Field each weekend during the winter.
  52. The number of tones in the original NBC jingle.
  53. The number of jingles in the original NBC tone.
  54. The number of houseplants killed during away games each year by football players.
  55. The number of times per weekend some bonehead calls Cardinals Rookie QB “Tyler” Murray.
  56. The number of people who actually wear the NFL ugly sweater their SO buys them.
  57. The number of times announcers have accidentally referred to Packers Running Back Aaron Jones as Aaron Rodgers.
  58. The number of people who think Peyton Manning is the current US President.
  59. The number of conspiracy theorists who think Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are secretly the same person.
  60. The average number of actual bears sighted in downtown Chicago each year.
  61. The number of songs considered for the title of “Official Sunday Night Football Anthem” before “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” was selected.
  62. The number of times Chicago Bears fans showed up to a Memphis Grizzlies game by mistake.
  63. The number of pre-season football games played each year.
  64. The number of babies born each week who are named after football players.
  65. The average length (in centimeters) of NFL player beards by the end of no-shave November.
  66. The number of Athlete in Space blog posts you should read.
  67. The number of hours of service the NFL is encouraging people to do for charity.
  68. The number of quarterbacks Cardinals Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald has worked with in his career.
  69. The number of NFL players each year who request the number 69.
  70. The number of voodoo dolls sold per day during football season.
  71. The number of inches of height required for a Lambeau Leap.
  72. The number of Lambeau Leap fails that occur each season.
  73. The number of NFL team tattoos paid for each week during pre-season.
  74. The percentage of NFL players in the NFL.
  75. The number of NFL viewers per square mile who know they can make better play calls than the coach.
  76. The number of people who are excited about the Monday Night Football line up this year.
  77. The number of hours spent applying makeup to football announcers.
  78. The number of NFL employees gathering data during games so the announcers can share fun tidbits like the QB’s high school mascot or a pic of the star running back as a 6-year-old.
  79. The average number of jaguar emojis sent via text message in Florida per minute on game day.
  80. The number of Seattle residents hospitalized in Seahawk related injuries each week.
  81. The number of injured Seattle residents who think they’re going to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.
  82. The number of hours it takes to train Billy the Seahawk not to swoop down into the crowd and attack Seattle fans.
  83. The number of people who would rather watch baseball then football.
  84. The number of people who think the rugby emoji is an old-timey football.
  85. The percentage of rugby balls that wish they were a regular football.
  86. The percentage of rugby players who wish they were a regular football.
  87. The number of football fans worldwide who know what rugby is.
  88. The average number of hugs exchanged between opposing players after the game.
  89. The number of trade offers Larry Fitzgerald rejects every hour.
  90. The total number of signatures on the petition for Rebecca Black to sing the Sunday Night Football song.
  91. The number of announcer pocket squares that don’t match their shirt or tie per game day.
  92. The number of NFL players playing Pokemon Go on the sidelines per game.
  93. The number of NFL players who caught a Snorlax during the Dolphins game.
  94. The number of dolphins in Miami that wish they were a Snorlax.
  95. The number of referees who accidentally drop a flag on the field each week and then have to quick make up a penalty to save face.
  96. The number of viewers affected by subliminal messages for fast food every second.
  97. The number of times per weekend an NFL player can’t hear the interview question because of stadium noise, so they have to give a generic response about having great teammates and working hard.
  98. The average number of hours fantasy football players spend coming up with smack talk each week.
  99. The number of college football NFL junior players who think they will be drafted in the first round next year.
  100. The percentage of NFL who love what they do and are excited to get back out on the field and play for you next week! šŸ™‚
Bethany, the 34th falcon of the season, flies off at half time to start a new life!

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