NFL Week 2 Report Card

Well week 2 is over! can u beleive we’ve already had too whole weeks of football. Here is our week two report card.

Week Two! If u want to compare to week one, here are the week 1 grades.
  • wth who drew a pentagram on here?? oh never mind it’s just a regular star.
  • Grass looking green in most places. Not so much in Oakland, their baseball sand is out of control. Some prankster at the Titans Colts game started a fire on the field, so yeah, now there’s a bare patch.
  • C- for stadium seats, it really depends on where you sit. The people in the boxes have a/c but they get lonely, they cant really do the wave with everyone else. Some seats are in the sun so you have to bring sunglasses or squint. Other seats are real high up and you need binoculars to see the field! The camera people probably have the best seats in the house, but their seats arent really seats, they just have to crouch on the ground and occasionally dodge someone who makes a living out of being strong and running really fast.
  • Mascots solid B. We thought after the huge outcry last week, the camera man would focus a little more on Sir Purr, but again we only have a single #SirPurrSighting
  • We got our hopes up on Sunday morning when we turned on the tele and saw an ad for London football! But it ended up being a typo, just some soccer game.
  • Knowledge is power! 10% of all ER visits on Sunday are concussions from ppl crushing beer cans on their heads. Stay safe out there, people, n drink responsbily!
  • Another week of pizza deals! For a second week in a row, 50% of pizza locations gave discounts because of the local team winning! Keep up the good work, everyone!
  • We haven’t decided which truck to get. The Chevy has a lot of towing power, but don’t count out the Ford F-150. Fun fact: President and Football Player Gerald Ford once hauled 150 footballs in a pick-up truck, that’s why they call it the Frod F-150.
  • New York hasn’t lost any of their football teams!
  • The Tennessee Tetanus
  • The grade for Footballs dropped to an A- because more players chucked the football into the crowd after scoring a touchdown.
  • 60% of all NFL mouthgaurds fell on the ground during the week 2 games. That’s a lot of germs that people put in their mouths. The five second rule is real, folks! Be a friend, and if you see a teammate drop his or her mouth guard, let them know before the 5 seconds are up! #PSA
  • Fun! Football is meant to be celebrated so cheer for ur team, cheer for ur rivals, cheer for urself because without ur support, your teams wouldnt be able to do what they do every week!

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