Happy Monday!

After a full day of football, we are all back to work today!  Happy Monday, every1!

Work is tough, am I right?  We deal with so many hectic situations every day, but Mondays always seem particularly hard!  Well, take comfort, friends!  While your working your keister off, so are ur NFL teams and all the folks we see on the sidelines every week!

Gatorade Practice
So close!  Keep up the good work!

Sure, it looks easy during the game, but our Gatorade folks have a high-pressure job!  The team relies on them to keep the players hydrated and focused on the game!

Just imagine… Russell Wilson is having a heck of a game!  It’s an away game and on the east coast… so already, Mr. Wilson is jet-lagged!  He was sitting on the sidelines reviewing some sick plays with Pete Carroll when suddenly… INTERCEPTION!  Wow, great work Seahawks D!  We knew you could do it!  But Mr. Wilson has only had 45 seconds to wind down on the bench, and now he’s back on offense!  He just needs some electrolytes from his trusty Gatorade to get his head back in the game!  Jennifer the Gatorade Specialist comes jogging over, and Mr. Wilson thinks, “Perfect timing, Jennifer!”  He opens his mouth–only to be blasted straight in the eyes with some grainy orange sludge!!  Oh no, Russell Wilson has to sit out the next few plays to get the Gatorade particles out from under his contact lenses!  NOW!  Instead of an easy Seahwaks touchdown, we have a three and out from No-Name Blockhead Back-Up IV, who has only seen a football in person six times in his life 😦

THIS, people!  Is why our sideline folks work daily to keep our teams healthy and ready for football action!  Thank you for all your hard work, we appreciate all u do!


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