Sneak Peak into Phx Sun Mikal Bridges’ Home Office

Now that you’ve been reminded of your lifelong membership in the Suns fandom, you need to get to know the players! People know Chris Paul and Devin Booker from the All Star games, but you should be paying attention to fan-favorite Sun Mikal Bridges!

Fun fact: Mikal Bridges is on a basketball game playing streak! He has played 280 consecutive NBA games.

Picture your SnapChat streak with your friend from college. Now imagine that instead of sending neat pics to each other 280 times, you were playing in 280 basketball games with your pals. Well, that is what Mikal Bridges has been doing!

Here is a glimpse at the decor in Mr. Bridges’ home office.

Holy .

Next time you’re thinking about playing hooky from work or school, just think: WWMBD? What would Mikal Bridges do?

He sure as heck wouldn’t do a fake cough for his boss and then go to the movies. He would totally stay home for health reasons, though–so take care of your physical and mental health, folks! It’s what Mikal Bridges would want for you.

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