Chris Paul Shoulder Injury

If you tuned into the Suns vs. Lakers game yesterday, you undoubtedly saw the moment when Suns fans and Chris Paul fans held their breath: when Chris Paul, known as CP3, went down with a mysterious shoulder injury.

The replay left everyone with more questions than answers. C3PO went back into the locker room and a few minutes later, he returned to the Suns bench… and then he returned to the court and played through his injury.

And his shots were just a little bit off for the rest of the game, his motions slightly different from what fans are used to. At the time, everyone chalked it up to the shoulder injury. But CP3 returned to the court a different player. Literally. All the evidence we need was folded on the shelf in Chris P3’s locker.

Exhibit A!

That’s right, folks. We got parent trapped by Chris and Cliff Paul.

Best of luck to Chris Paul on his recovery! We hope Cliff doesn’t have to suit up on Tuesday!


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