Tom Brady’s 30-day retirement indicative of larger problem

Fans of Tampa Bay and Tom Brady are thrilled about the return of the oldest, winningest quarterback in recent memory! But economists are less overjoyed about “geriatric quarterback” Touchdown Tom continuing to delay his retirement.

“It’s [the] 2008 [recession] all over again,” lamented one economist who preferred to remain anonymous. “These young quarterbacks are working their way through the NFL Jr. NCAA college program, and there are no job opportunities for them. We’re going to start seeing the talent at the QB position stay on for four or maybe even five years playing college ball. Then the NFL Jr. Jr. high school talent won’t have as many opportunities to play in college, they’ll be second-string to a ‘Jr. geriatric quarterback’ who doesn’t want to participate in the NFL draft because there isn’t a job for him.”

“As quarterbacks get less and less experience at the Jr. NFL college level, the less prepared they will be to face professional opposition. In 20 years, we could be seeing passer ratings in the single digits. It’s not going to be pretty.”

The Ghost of Football Future shows us a Super Bowl MVP!
But that a-hole won’t get out of the way so we can see which Super Bowl for our Draft King notes.

Well, that’s a downer. Hopefully for the sake of future football, Tom Brady will make a shift from football to shuffleboard and let the young folks get some experience.


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