Hop on the Suns Bandwagon

The Phoenix Suns are the Most Improved team in the NBA! If you tuned in to the game last night, you witnessed a high-scoring, neck and neck game between the Suns and the Lakers, one of the many teams from LA–and a likely title contender. The Suns put up a valiant fight until the end, one of the many factors making the team so fun to watch. You can never count them out!

If you can’t catch the game on TV, you can tune into sports radio for play by play from Phoenix Wordsmith Al McCoy. McCoy, who has been the Suns’ broadcast announcer since 1972, is one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Better yet, head on down to Talking Stick Resort Arena (we know, it’s a mouthful) and check out the Suns live! Nothing beats the game day atmosphere at the arena. If you take the light rail downtown, you might be able to score some shrooms, which will make the game even wilder.

Professional Suns announcers always give a spirited welcome to the starting lineup of the Suns! There are unreal amounts of pyrotechnic displays (we’ll get to that!) as the Gorilla waves the official flag of the Phoenix Suns and the Suns Dancers shake the official pom poms of the Phoenix Suns. When it’s time to introduce the opposing team, however, the Suns bring in “Numbers” Charles from the Finance Department; his voice is so monotone, most people in the audience tune him out. Sometimes even the opposing players don’t realize they’re being introduced.

The Suns have been lobbying for arena upgrades for years. In the hopes of speeding up the renovation process, the Suns have been gradually increasing the pre-game pyrotechnics. Ten years ago, fans in the floor level seats would raise small Zippo lighters for the team’s entrance. Classic! Three years ago, the team expanded the pyrotechnic displays. The players rushed out onto the court amid 15-foot-high blasts of fire from five extra-large flame projectors. When that didn’t do the trick, the team procured 25 additional flame projectors and ordered the Suns Gorilla to douse the court in kerosene prior to their entrance.

Gorilla dual-wields when Devin Booker runs out!

Luckily, in January, the Phoenix City Council approved a $230 million renovation project, so no further extreme measures need to be taken! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Talking Stick.

The Suns play again on Thursday! Isn’t basketball wonderful?


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