Sole MLB Video Game Adding Lockout Feature to 2023 Edition

Kids and adults love sports video games! Were you ever a kid or adult? Then you probably played a sports game at some point! Step aside, “Madden” and “NBA 2K”! There’s a new sheriff in town! His name is “MLB: The Show”. (We know, it’s a weird name. His parents did a lot of drugs.)

Video games are all about innovation! This year’s edition of “NBA 2K ’23” will feature the new and exciting “LeBron Mode” that lets the gamer control everything in the game! Coaching staff, refs, other players, stadium food, the crowd, draft king, the space-time continuum, you name it! Not to be outdone by sports video game rivals, the producers of “MLB: The Show” are introducing a brand new annual post-season lockout feature!

And if you enter the correct cheat code, you can take advantage of LOCkOUT MODE at any point during a game! With the right button combination, your team can walk off the field and go back home and refuse to come back until their demands are met! And what do your players do at home while they wait for the lockout to end? They play “MLB: The Show” of course! A game within a game???? Mind blown!

Oh, or you just auto-win? Never mind.

“MLB: The Show” is the most popular and only Major League Baseball game on the market! Gamers, have you tried the new LOCKoUT MODe? We’d love to hear how long your teams can hold out!

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