Most Popular SNF Adjectives

“Nasty” Showdowns are the most watched, but “Football” Showdowns r the most self explanatory. Cool!

Last night we got to hear Carrie Underwood sing her beautiful National Anthem of Football and tell the nation that the National Football NBC Adjective of the Week was “nasty”!  Sometimes NBC works it out so that the National Football Adjective of the Week is the same as the Sesame Street Word of the Day but not lately because they’ve been using “nasty” a lot.  Lets take a gander at the most widely used Sunday Night Fotball Adjectives in the History of Football!

It turns out that last night, Carrie Underwood used America’s most popular football adjective ever!  The second most common SNF Football adjective is “Football” itself!  Sometimes we just need a really specific description of what we’re about to watch!  Thanks, NBC and Carrie Understood!  Other popular adjectives include division, multiplication, and neat.  The least common ones are sucky, carcinogenic, and gross.  Those havent appeared since the NBC song writers strike of 1991, what a dark time in the history of football.


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