Ultimate Test of Football Loyalty

Tonight, September 22nd, is a true test of NFL Loyalty. Tonight viewers will be forced to choose between the Emmy Awards and the Sunday Night Football game!

This year’s updated Emmy Award is watching the Sunday Night game on a tiny (but fully-functional!) smart phone!

Tonight’s game will be an action-packed match up between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cleveland Browns. Many viewers are skeptical if it will be more thrilling than watching TV stars sweat it out as they wait to hear if they’ve won a prestigious award. Some viewers will tune in to SNF to listen to the stylish Sunday Night Football song (back by popular demand!) with Carrie Underwood and Joan Jett; they’ll listen to find out what kind of showdown the game is going to be. “Epic” showdown? Heck yes, we’ll keep watching some football! “Weird” showdown? Well, now we’re intrigued! Probably time to flip back and forth between channels! “Boring” showdown? Switch to the Emmy’s, please!

What are your plans tonight? Are you going to cheer on your fave television actors and actresses? Or will you be rooting for your fave football stars?

If you watch the Emmy Awards, be sure to keep a look out for how many celebs are secretly watching Sunday Night Football on their phones!

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