Throwback Thursday!

In an EXTREME observation of Throwback Thursday, Jets Quarterback Sam Darnold is taking part in the high school experience of having mono!  That’s probably the most overboard thing we’ve ever heard for a Throwback Thursday, but okay, you do you, Sam Darnold!

Conspiracy theorists have been quick to claim that Sam Darnold is obviously faking it because he isn’t confident in the Jets offense.  But these conspiracy theory fools don’t understand the significance of throwback thursday, they’re social media n00bs who only have like 12 followers combined, so yeah.  Fantasy team owners, you might want to check out the waiver wire for a QB until Mr. Darnold has recovered!

Sam Darnold Fever
Sam Darnold is dismayed to discover he has a fever!

Feel better, Sam Darnold!!  Rest up and eat plenty of chicken noodle soup!


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