Start ’em, Sit ’em: Week 3 QBs

Week three of the fantasy football season is upon us! You might be wondering if you should start a QB this week. Pro fantasy tip: you should always start a quarterback! But it makes a huge difference which Quarterback you have. Here you can find start ’em, sit ’em advice for week 3.

Saints QB Drew Brees prepares to throw a game winning touchdown while simultaneously kicking a 70-yard field goal! And they’re playing in Tennessee? Oh, wait–those are just some RADICAL Saints-colored flames and fireworks for some SICK special effects because Drew Brees is a BOSS!!! (But probably don’t start him week 3.)

Ben “Big Ben” Roethlisberger: SIT. Big Ben is out for the season! If you missed the game last week and then didn’t have internet access this week, he had an elbow malfunction during Sunday’s game.

Andrew “Big Ben” Luck: SIT. This one is a slam dunk! (That’s the basketball equivalent of a touchdown.) Andrew “Big Ben” Luck retired just before the start of the season! Now he’s just hanging out, reading the paper and playing golf with all his new retired friends. You’ll definitely want him on your team once Yahoo! roles out fantasy Shuffleboard.

Drew “Big Ben” Brees: SIT. Unless you’re in a fantasy hand injury league, then you want him for sure.

Nick “Big Bean” Foles: SIT. Nick Foles is a true Big Ben. But unfortunately he can’t be a Ben this week because of a collarbone injury. Doctors reportedly inserted modern tech into his new and improved collarbone so he could come back stronger than ever by the end of the season! Who knows, Foles might one day be the strongest of all Bens!

Sam “Big Ben” Darnold: START. Sam Darnold has been under the weather, but how will he ever get better if people don’t believe in him??? Show Sam “Big Mono” Darnold that you know he’ll make a come back by starting him at QB this week!

Patrick “Big Ben” Mahomes: START. The up and coming Big Ben, Patrick Mahomes is crushing it this season! If he is a free agent in your league, you basically have to get him!!

Kyler “Big Ben” Murray: ??? You might want to ask your magic 8 ball on this one! Kyler Murray is the newest Big Ben to hit the field, playing for the Arizona Cardinals. Sometimes having a young Big Ben on your team is fun and exciting, and sometimes you want a more experienced Ben like Tom “Big Ben” Brady. This one is up to you, friends!

Best of luck in week 3!

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