Week 2 NFL Picks

The Saturday NFL Drought is the perfect time to look ahead to week 2!

Tomorrow we have some major bird fights going on!  In the early games, the Ravens take on the Cardinals and the Seahawks take on the Steelers.  The Sunday Night Football game will be Falcons vs. Eagles.  So many birds, y’all!

Here are our week 2 pix:

Week 2 Pix (with pix)
Another week of great matchups!  How do they do it!

Here’s a blank one so u can play, too!  We’ll even spot u the first game! 🙂

Week 2 Pix (blank)
Good luck every1 !

If u need a football fix, check out the NFL Junior NCAA football games today!  Some of these baby football players will be full-fledged pro NFL players next year–they might even be on your team!  Whoa.

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