Last Oakland MNF Game Ever

We hope you tuned in tonight for the last ever Monday Night Football game in Oakland!  As many of you know, the Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas next season.  And we all know that everything that goes in to Vegas stays in Vegas, so the Raiders will likely never return to Oakland!

Other Oakland sports teams are already gearing up for the Raiders departure.  Unfortunately, due to size and budget constraints, all area sports teams have had to share the Oakland Arena.  The famous Coliseum supports a football field, baseball diamond, Olympic swimming pool, skating rink, tennis court, and rodeo arena.  Scheduling has been a significant challenge for Oakland Arena employees, resulting in occasional sporting event double-bookings.

The unique Coliseum environment has been a difference-maker for the Raiders!  Raiders players are accustomed to sudden terrain changes and have learned to adapt to pretty much anything the game throws at them!

Joe Flacco wishes he wore his ice skates for this unpredictable Oakland Arena field.  Be careful over there, Phillip Lindsay! It’s tough to protect the football under water!

Enjoy your last season in Oakland, Raiders!  We wish you the best!


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