The Fate of Oakland Coliseum

If you paid attention in your fantasy football draft, you might have noticed that your fave Raiders players are now the Las Vegas Raiders! You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Las Vegas! So you better stay there!

When you tune in to the Raiders’ first home game against the New Orleans Saints tonight, don’t panic! The field is going to look a little different from the past Raiders’ field, but you are on the right channel! And no, you aren’t dreaming lol. The Raiders now have their very own special football stadium! A stadium made just for football! The Raiders no longer have to worry about scheduling conflicts with other local sports teams. Congrats, gentlemen!

But we know, change is tough. Many are wondering, what is the Oakland Arena Coliseum being used for right now, since sports are so limited? Well, we have the inside scoop on the fate of the former home of the Raiders, Oakland Athletics, Oakland Curling, Oakland Fencing, Oakland Competitive Eating, Oakland Chess, Oakland Hockey, Oakland Bowling, and over 10 different sports teams from local Oakland high schools!

Let’s take a look at what Oakland Coliseum, aka RingCentral Coliseum, is doing today!

Zamboni Driving Lessons. Hockey season is going strong! The NHL (the NFL league for hockey) recruited some new drivers, and Oakland RingArenaColiseum rolled out the ice rink section of the football field. Thanks for keeping the ice safe for future zambonis and hockeys!

Training for Shark Week 2021. Nothing can stop shark week! And RingColiseum Center happens to be equipped with some awesome shark tanks! We can’t wait to see next year’s Ultimate Antibiotic-Resistant Extra-Strength Radioactive Mega Sharks. Three cheers for science!

Parking for NCAA Player Salary Vehicles. With so many NCAA junior NFL football season cancellations (come on, Covid, don’t u have anything better to do???) college-NFL-junior players won’t be compensated the way they expected. Currently, the Oakland CentralRing football field is home to 700+ sports cars branded with college logos and custom license plates. Wow!

Rage Room. The newest trend in group activities and team-building exercises! You and your friends or coworkers show up and just break a bunch of stuff with hammers, baseball bats, acid, bombs, etc. Sounds like a blast! When you show up to your appointment, just head out onto the field, it’s in between the rows of $100 billion dollars worth of sports cars and 1,000-gallon shark tanks. You can’t miss it!

Referee Training. Now that Fantasy Football is up and running, the NFL needs to make sure that the refs are also ready to go!

Filming for Air Bud VIII: NASCAR Pup Series. Perfect location! And if Air Bud IV crashes his car, he can just borrow an NCAA salary car. Great thinking!

The scene inside RingColiseum earlier today. We’re looking forward to the video release!

We can’t wait to see your new digs, Raiders! GL to you and the Saints!

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