NFL Returns to London

Pip pip cheerio, you right blokes! Tomorrow, the NFL Football from the U.S. will make its triumphant return to London! Did you know that the chief export of the United States is football? To the rest of the world, it’s called “American Football” and you can only get it from America!

Football makes up almost 80% of US GDP!

The Chicago Bears take on the Oakland Raiders at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, home of the Tottenham Hotspurs! The Spurs are a British football team–but not like NFL football, like the kind you see in the FIFA video games. (If you’ve never played it, FIFA ’19 and other FIFA games are part of the Elder Scrolls series, there’s different people you can play as and you fight mythical creatures and craft weapons and stuff.) London is supposedly a neutral location where neither team has home field advantage, but many people believe the Raiders have the advantage because they’re used to playing on a turf that is used for other sports. The Bears might be confused by the goals, but the Raiders are just happy to not have to share the field with the fencing team. Also the Raiders are the designated “home” team, so that’s a little sus.

London is 10 hours ahead of most places, so the Bears and Raiders will be jet lagged. And probably tired from walking tours of London and tea with the Queen. You might want to consider benching your Bears and Raiders, if you have other options.

Unlike for last year’s London Games, you can sleep in tomorrow! The game doesn’t start until 1pm eastern time, so no need to set your alarms for the middle of the night.


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