Welcome to the 2019 NFL Season!

Welcome back to the NFL!  We hope every1 had a happy first Sunday of Football and are ready to celebrate the special 100th season of the timeless sport of football!

As always, the first full day of football games brings about all sorts of football news for fantasy owners and other regular Joes who occasionally read football news.

Key take aways from today:

Rams Safety Eric Weddle tested a new helmet prototype from our friends at Global.  Instead of padding, Weddle’s helmet was filled with new, sharper than ever knives!  An interesting experiment, since knives are very resistant to the types of impacts we see in football games, but after todays incident, Weddle and his fellow NFLers are unlikely to make the switch to Global helmets.

Thursday Night Edition of Sunday Night Football continues to yield low scores.  Fantasy owners, beware of starting Thursday Football Players!!  It’s tough to play your heart out on the field when you’ve got a tough day at the office the next day, believe you me.

Showdown in New York!  We hope you caught the riveting game between the Biffalo Bulls and New York Jets!  The Bulls were able to bill their way to victory!  Now we know why they say everything’s bigger in New York!

Kansas City Other Footballs Patrick Mahomes and Sammy Watkins combined for a record breaking fantasy 500 points!  17 out of Watkins’s 26 touchdown receptions occurred during mysterious power outages in Jacksonville…  Look forward to the investigation!

The Sunday Night Edition of Sunday Night Football brought us a match between the two Super Bowl-ingest teams in NFL history!  Together, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots have more Lombardi Cups than all other NFL teams combined!

Party in the desert!  Following a nail-biter against the Detroit Loins, the Arizona Cardinals and their fans celebrated their so-far undefeated season!

Cardinals Week 1
Great work today, Cardinals!  Good luck next week, Loins!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night when the Bucking Broncos take on the Oakland Raiders!

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