NFL Week One Report Card

Congratulations, everyone, we made it through the first week of the 2019 football season!  What a ride!  We heard ur comments and evaluated the National Football Association for week one.  Check out the scores on the topics you care about the most!

Week 1 Report Card
Some great scores but always room for improvement!

Lets dig in!

  • Grass looking grand in week one!  How do they get it so green!
  • Stadium Seats earn a solid C.  26% of patrons came away with sunburns and 3% with splinters.  B careful out there!
  • Mascots, heck yes, everyone loves them!  They’re silly antics really get the fans pumped up!  An A- is great, your thinking, but what can the NFL do to bring this up to an A+?  Answer: more Sir Purr!  Only one Sir Purr sighting during the Panthers game, wth.
  • No one flew to London this weekend
  • Almost 100% of viewers had a beer this weekend!
  • 50% of pizza restaurant chains had to provide discounts this week because of game day victories.  Great work, teams!
  • Not enough truck commercials, how else are we going to know how to haul around all our footballs?
  • Fun Fact: New York has the most football teams out of any country in the world!
  • The Tennessee Titans.
  • No footballs were deflated over the weekend.  Whoa!!
  • 18% of all NFL mouthguards landed on the ground at some point during the game.  45% of those were within the 5 second rule.
  • Fun!  Everyone had fun this weekend, which is what football is all about!  If u love football, ,you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

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