NFL Stars Who Were Sabotaged By Family Members

State Farm Insurance pals and NFL quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are currently the two most unpopular QBs in all of Football! Rodgers is facing rumors that he’s in the pocket of the Big Pandemic industry, but Mahomes is getting a bad rap because of some wild antics from family members and soon-to-be family members.

Don’t worry, Patrick Mahomes! You’re not the first NFL star to face criticism because of unruly relatives! These are the 5 biggest NFL alums whose careers were almost ruined by member of their own family!

#5. Bart Starr. The year was 1959! Bart Starr was having a great season, he was much loved by everyone in the tight-knit Green Bay community. But then one day his dog, reportedly named Prince Cuddles, growled threateningly at the mailman–and a journalist from the Green Bay Press-Gazette witnessed the whole thing! Folks, it was a simpler time. Back in the day, having a rude pooch was enough to get you plenty of stink eyes as you moseyed over to the General Store to buy some Necco wafers.

#4. Joe Montana. Oh man, remember good ol’ Joe Cool when he played for the 49ers? We don’t either! But one day the paparazzi snapped a picture of a Hitler cat in Cool Joe’s yard. No one knew for sure if that was actually Neat Montana’s pet cat or if it was just a neighborhood stray, but having a Hitler cat in your yard 30 years ago was a definite sign of your character.


#3. O.J. Simpson. This guy again! Well, sometimes your family members embarrass you in front of the media and almost ruin your career by being snooty siblings or rude pets. And other times, your family members embarrass you in front of the media and almost ruin your career by you being acquitted of murdering them. We hate it when that happens!

#2. Pete Carroll. Another bad dog story. During Pete Carroll’s first year as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, the team’s live mascot was a seahawk named Big Jim The Seahawk. The team members and staff would take turns bringing Big Jim to their houses to take care of him for the weekend, and then they would write and illustrate a short story about Big Jim’s adventures at their house to share with the team at the Monday morning meeting. Great team building exercise! Until one Monday, Pete Carroll had to share the below story with his team:

Maybe next time just do Flat Stanley.

Way to go, Puppy Carroll and Big Jim The Seahawk. Y’all almost ruined Pete Carroll’s career.

#1. Dick Butkus. No surprise there! Who else could be the number one? Dick Butkus’s career was almost ruined from day one when his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Butkus, decided to name their bouncing baby boy “Dick” and embarrass him in front of everyone every time he had to introduce himself. “More like Dick Butt-kiss!” said over 10 million people throughout Dick Butkus’s life. Good thing Mr. Dick Butkus doesn’t let the haters get to him!

Next time one of your relatives embarrasses you with a weird tweet or by pouring champagne on random strangers, just remember: don’t let the haters get to you!

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