Countdown to March Madness

It’s not even the Super Bowl, and there are March Madness decorations all over local stores. And u should be outraged!

It’s still January, folks!!!! What–is the Pro Bowl not a holiday anymore? Are we just going to skip the Supper and Pro Bowls and go straight from New Years to Mad NCAA Basketball March Madness?? Are we not doing a special Super Bowel feast and carving the roast pigskin on the most sacred night of Football?

No one cares about your March Madness Party!!!!! Until March.

Attention, Big Stores!!!!! We will not participate in this War on the Super Bowl! Let’s celebrate the Football Finale before you force us to get all festive about some other sport. YOU CANT HAVE OUR MAD MARCHNESS MONEY UNTIL MARCH!

If ur a heathen who hates the Football Bowls but u can’t wait to start making some extra money, u should read up on the NCAA basketball teams who will be Mad in March! There are SIXTY SEVEN b-ball games, so that’s plenty of chances to WIN BIG!


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