Biggest Feuds in Sports

Everybody loves some good drama. Here are the biggest feuds in the history of sports.

The Toronto Raptor and Devin Booker recently began a major feud when the Phoenix Suns traveled to Canada to play the Raptors. There weren’t any fans in Scotiabank Arena, so The Raptor wasn’t able to do his cool flips or shoot the t-shirt cannon or pose for pictures with kids. Bored out of his dang mind, The Raptor found Suns star Devin Booker’s Twitter and started DMing him smack talk. Although shorter than other feuds, The Toronto Raptor vs. Devin Booker makes up for it with its intensity.

The Toronto Raptor grins maniacally as he crafts some sick burns about the Suns!

Ben Roethlisberger and the Official Wardrobe Team of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Big Ben made it clear over his many years with the Steelers–he was not a fan of the traditional throwback bumblebee costumes. When he first joined the team, he called in sick every Halloween so he didn’t have to wear the ridiculous outfit. So the Official Wardrobe Team of the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to pick on game day whether or not the team would wear their special costumes. It cost four rookie salaries to have the Official Halloween Costumes of the Pittsburgh Steelers shipped to every single away game, but the Wardrobe Team can hold a grudge and they had it out for Big Ben.

Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Wait, isn’t Jack Nicklaus a golfer? Is golf a sport? He is, it is, and boy does Jack Nicklaus haaaaaate the idea of mixing beverages.

Tom Brady and Babe Ruth. These two ol’ chums went to school together and were fast friends until senior year in high school, when Tom Brady was voted “most athletic” and Babe Ruth was just voted “most baseball”.

The People of the State of California and O.J. Simpson. A controversial feud for sure! This rivalry was between the entire state–all the athletes, non-athletes, sports journalists, sports fans and spectators who lived in California–and disgraced actor and former NFL running back O.J. Simpson. This is by far the largest feud in sports history!

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