Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em: Week 5 WR

Can you believe it’s already week 5 of football season?? If football season were a fetus, it would be the size of a Lego. Let’s dive right in and look at which wide receivers will single-handedly turn your fantasy season around this weekend!

More reliable than CBS but not as reliable as Billy the Seahawk.

Here’s a test run because we know he’s out: Should we start Green Bay Packer Davante Adams?

Oh cool, he must not have turf toe after all! Good thing we’re doing this!

New England Patroit Josh Gordon.

Philadelphia Eagle Alshon Jeffery.

Denver Bronco Courtland Sutton.

Jacksonville Jaguar D.J. Chark.

Aww man! But he has such a great theme song.

Atlanta Falcon Calvin Ridley.


San Francisco 49 Dante Pettis.

Tennessee Titan Corey Davis.

Yikes, that’s a bit harsh.

St. Michael Thomas.

OK, thx.

Pittsburgh Steeler Diontae Johnson.

Hey listen here, you piece of

Good luck this weekend!

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