2019’s Longest Game Day

Sunday provided us with over 12 hours of football! Isn’t life wonderful? We hope you enjoyed the Football Solstice.

If you weren’t able to watch Game Day Sunday, here is what you missed.

The Miami Dolphins won their first game this season! Congraduations, Miami!

Colts Quarterback Jacoby Brissett become the newest victim of the 2019 Quarterback Curse. Rest up, Jacoby Brissett!

Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll chewed three packs of gum during the Seahawks overtime victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He hadn’t expected the game to go to overtime, so he only brought two packs of gum with him! At the end of the fourth quarter, the 12th Man Flag was lowered to half mast–the signal to send live mascot Billy the Seahawk to deliver a pack of gum to Pete Carroll.

Billy the Seahawk does his part to contribute to a Seahawks win.

The New England Patriots lost their first game this season, brought down by the Baltimore Ravens in a “nasty” Sunday Night Football showdown. The sign in the Patriots locker room had to be reset to “Incident free for 0 days.”

Although they were obviously excited to beat the Patriots, the Ravens had some embarrassing moments during the game. Coach John Harbaugh forgot to pay the electric bill, so whenever the jumbotron lit up for a touchdown, the power flickered in the stadium. Come on, Coach, get it together!

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