Missing from 2020 NFL Games

Like you, we’re all tuned in to the first Sunday games of the 2020 NFL Season! Welcome back to football! Pour yourself a cold Bud Coors and head to the TV.

2020 has been a wild ride for the world, and the NFL wants to help return a little slice of normalcy to us! Roger Goodell has brought us our fave players (yeah, Davante Adams), our fave coaches (Hi, Super Bowl Champion Andy Reid), our fave referees (shout out to Jerome Boger, we know it isn’t “Booger”), and our fave announcers (Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, we can tell you’re ready for Sunday Night).

But there is one key element of the football season that is tragically missing from football so far: the iconic fences.

Don’t forget: hold the D in your right hand and the Fence in your left.
Or else it will be backwards for the players.

These little guys play a huge role in every game. What better way to show your support for your defensive players? They’re on the field, working hard, doing their best to stop their opponents. And yeah, sometimes it’s a thankless job. The offense gets all the kudos. But then, the defense looks up into the stadium. And they see it. A cute little kid waving a fence. A die-hard fan in full face and body paint and a colorful wig, swinging a fence around. A cluster of single folks holding signs that say “ me, J.J. Watt!” A group of pals, some holding D’s and some holding fences.

And they remember. The fans need them! The team needs them to do their best. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, the best offense is a good defense. So it’s time to shine, defense!

Obviously this season is a little different. Our greatest nemesis Covid-19 has forced many stadiums to not allow fans to attend. The NFL put cardboard cut-outs of people in the end zone seats, to try to make the stadiums look a little more normal for the players. But we think the defense deserves more.

NFL, please add everyone’s favorite fences throughout the stadiums! Readers, if you happen to have an extra fence in your home, consider mailing it to your local football stadium. Let’s support our home teams! D-fence, D-fence! Take that ball away!

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