NFL Week 2 Report Card

Well, we made it, everyone! We made it through Week 2! Millions were worried that NFL fantasy football wasn’t going to be part of the uncertain new normal, but our fave teams and players are here to stay! (Unless your fave player is one of the unlucky 200 who got injured last weekend. Then they’ll be back next season.)

Make sure your new doctor has a pass / fall diploma in their office before surgery.

Now let’s dive into Week 2!

Aww man, we have to study now?

Crowd Noise. We love seeing our fave players! Thanks Roger Goodell and stadium staffs everywhere for making NFL football happen! But now we need to make it more realistic for the refs. Those folks are going to get used to the applause after all their calls, and then next season, the boos are going to hit them hard.

Mascots. Yeah, we saw mascots just chilling out in the stands. Do a backflip or something. Our players are busting their keisters out there, you could at least muster up some flossing.

Beer. Alright, hard liquor. Time to step aside!

Pizza. Fun fact: if you lined up all the pizza and cheesy bread ordered during football games, it would stretch from New York to Mars twice a day.

California. California has the 2nd most NFL football teams in the world. At least until Vegas wins another one. Hang in there, California!!

Trucks. We know we were supposed to be watching the games, but we got some serious FOMO watching those folks load up 2,000 lbs of rocks and hitch up the horse trailer.

Tortilla Chips. When it comes to Game Day food, the chart speaks for itself:

Titans. A+ Tennessee Titans from Tennessee are back and more titanic than ever!

Fantasy Football. Oof, this was a rough weekend! Do you play Fantasy Football? If so, one of your players is injured! Go write him a get well card and don’t forget to put in your waiver claims. Don’t know what to write to the former star of your fantasy team? Try: “Sorry to here about ur ligament, hope u feel better soon! B safe out there!” Then draw a pic of a kitten hugging a puppy.

Touchdown Dances. Pretty good, pretty good. But there’s always room for improvement!

Fun. We love having our NFL friends back for the 2020 season! But let’s have fewer injuries and more beer, tortilla chips, and trucks next weekend.

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