Jimmy G Releases Comprehensive List of People He Calls “Baby”

The whole world saw that cringe-worthy interview where Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo called sportscaster Erin Andrews “baby”. In a too-late attempt at damage control, Jimmy G has published the complete list of people he refers to as “baby” (or any derivative of baby, such as “young person” or “little human”).

  • Erin Andrews (obvi)
  • His dad
  • Coach Kyle Shanahan
  • His dog
  • The mailman in his neighborhood
  • The folks at Apple tech support
  • The first responders who put out a fire at his neighbor’s place
  • The Gatorade Specialists for the 49ers
  • Any babies that he interacts with
  • The girl from Dirty Dancing
  • His fave hot dog vendor at Levi’s Stadium
  • Roger Goodell
  • Cher
  • His car
  • His mom’s car
  • His other car
  • His back-up car
  • His barber
  • Any of his teammates who scores a touchdown
  • Any opposing player who intercepts his pass
  • The MNF black cat
  • Tiger Woods
  • The dude who delivered him a pizza on Wednesday
  • All members of the House of Representatives
  • His college chums
  • Pitbull
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • His dentist
  • Cam Newton
  • Aaron Andrews (slight miscommunication when he looked up her number)


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