Top 5 Modern Sports Inventions

Sports sure have changed since your grandfather was a little tyke! Let’s take a look at the five inventions that have had the greatest impact on sports.

#5 – Cheese
We can’t picture a Green Bay Packers game without the iconic cheese gear! Wisconsin sports just wouldn’t look right. Shout out to honorable mention invention #8 – Badgers. Good stuff.

#4 – Michael Jordan
Coming in at # four is basketball great Michael Jordan! From shoes to undershirts to Space Jam, Mr. Jordan revolutionized the world of basketball and what it meant to play some ball.

#3 – Helmets
When your grandpa’s grandpa started playing football, helmets didn’t exist. Instead of padded helmets cushioned with space-age technology used by astronauts to land space vehicles on Mars, players would tie rocks around their heads for protection.

#2 – Teeth
Finally, something to prevent a hockey puck moving at 150 mph from flying straight through your head! The invention of teeth cut the mortality rate of hockey players by 40%. Math doesn’t lie!

#1 – Gatorade
The most beloved sports drink of all time! The approval rating of Gatorade is 79%, compared to the measly 38% of water. Get outta here, water! You basic! Gatorade has also dramatically improved the lives of NFL coaches. Prior to the invention of Gatorade, players would dump acid on their coach after a victory.

Uh wow. Might want to check out the first aid tent, Coach!

Remember to stay hydrated!

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