Special Monday Night Football

Don’t miss the most thrilling London Game of the year! Tonight’s London Edition of Monday Night Football is brought to you from Mexico City! Wow. What will Roger Goodell think of next??

The game will be held at Azteca Stadium, which typically hosts soccer (the other football) matches and cool concerts. Employees of Azteca Stadium and the NFL have worked hard all year to prepare for this game. It’s a masterpiece of careful scheduling, the meticulous painting of stripes on the field, and the thorough completion of paperwork to import over 6 million hot dogs and hamburgers into Mexico for the game. Great job, everyone!

The folks at the NFL are pleased to be able to share some football with Mexico. Did you know that football and football merchandise are the chief exports of the United States? Roger Goodell would like nothing more than to give the people of Mexico a chance to watch some American football games! Not because he wants to increase sales of jerseys or anything, just because football is a really fun sport to watch. Thanks for making international relations easier, Mr. Goodell! We can all bond over drinking a cold one and tossin’ the ol’ pigskin around.

Special flag commemorating the union of Mexico and American Football!

Mexico City is in the same time zone as parts of the U.S. so it’s pretty easy, just turn your TV on at regular football time to catch the Kansas City Other Footballs take on the Los Angeles Chargers! Or if you’re feeling burned out on football and don’t feel up to watching the special Mexico City Edition of Lon-day Night Football, you can always tune in to some basketball. The Phoenix Suns (Mexico’s neighbors!) are playing the Boston Celtics at home.

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