Newest Shampoo Commercial Sheds Light on Dismal NFL Retirement Benefits

We know that longtime NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw has been trying to retire for years but Fox keeps giving his money away so he can’t afford not to be broadcaster. And now the latest Head & Shoulders shampoo commercials featuring former Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is giving us another glimpse into the financial situation of retired football players!

In the newest commercial, we see that Mr. Polamalu, after working hard for 12 years for the Steelers, is currently working 4 to 5 jobs in order to make ends meet. Since his 2015 retirement, Renaissance Man Troy Polamalu has moonlighted in retail, health services, engineering, fashion, and financial services industries.

Paging Dr. Troy! Oops, it looks like after another successful brain surgery, Troy Polamalu is off to his 3rd job as a short order cook. Well, we guess the surgical interns will have to operate the buzz saw.

Troy Polamalu can do anything he puts his mind to! But he’s retired, so he shouldn’t have to! Come on, NFL, let’s start giving retired players what they deserve!

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