How We Can Help Terry Bradshaw

We’ve all seen the commercials. For a second year in a row, Fox Sports roped Terry Bradshaw into giving away his money as part of a contest titled “Win Terry Bradshaw’s Money.” And it’s a lot of money, folks, it’s a million dollars!

Fox Sports started this contest last year, and there went our friend Terry Bradshaw’s retirement savings. He spent the off-season working odd jobs to boost his savings account, pulling stints as a reality TV star, a singer, and even a deer. We won’t ask! And now it looks like he’ll need to take on a few more gigs before the Fox Sports Win Terry Bradshaw’s Money comes to an end!

A top Fox Sports Exec interrupted Terry Bradshaw on air to take his life savings away!
You might want to think about opening a bank account, Terry Bradshaw.

Poor Terry Bradshaw. He brightens our weekends with his fun antics and analysis with his friends Curt Menefee, Michael Strahan, Howie Long, and Jimmy Johnson! But after giving away millions of dollars, how will Terry Bradshaw support his family, make his mortgage payments, and keep his home heated during the cold winter months? Many people are asking, “How can we give back?” Well, here are some ways we can help Terry Bradshaw stay off the streets in the off-season.

  • GoFundMe: Find Terry Bradshaw on GoFundMe and donate today!
  • Facebook Fundraising: Like GoFundMe, but faster because you’re scrolling anyway, and Mark Zuckerberg gets a 20% cut.
  • Kickstarter: The deal with kickstarter is that you get something for the money you donate! But Terry Bradshaw is spread so thin right now with all his various side hustles. But maybe he can send you a napkin he set his coffee mug on?
  • Good Vibes and Prayers: Keep ’em coming! Don’t underestimate their power!

Good luck, Terry Bradshaw! Keep your chin up!

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