World Series Game Three “Rained Out”

Sports fans across the U.S. breathed a sigh of relief as a light sprinkle in Philadelphia resulted in Game Three of the World Series being postponed until tomorrow–but none were more relieved than the folks who begrudgingly bought tickets for Monday’s game!

To the delight of 43,640 people, Monday’s World Series game is now Tuesday’s World Series game.

“It’s like a Christmas miracle,” gushed one Game 3 ticketholder. “I really wanted to watch [Monday Night Football] and have some reasonably-priced chips and beer, but then my cousin told me I’d regret it if I didn’t go see a World Series in person. And now I can tell him that I really wanted to go, but I got Monday night off work but not Tuesday night. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”

“Yup, time to call it. Go home, everyone!”

We don’t think you’ll get that lucky twice! The chance of rain tomorrow at the time of the baseball kickoff is less than 10% so you’re on your own to come up with an excuse for ditching the game!

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