Patriots’ QB Mac Jones Gets in Shape for 2022 Season

It’s tough being a rookie QB–and even tougher when you’re in the shadow of a QB legend like Tom Brady. Mac Jones, QB for the Patriots, knows exactly how that feels! Mac Jones can’t do a celebration dance or order a cup of coffee without folks saying that former Patriot Brady was a better dancer or better coffee orderer.

Well, this off-season, Mac Jones decided to take his career into his own hands!

Tom Brady is known for resorting to a strict diet and some unorthodox methods to flip the ol’ bird to Father Time and continue playing top-notch football well after the age most QBs retire. Entrepreneur Tom Brady even sells his special supplements and some workout gear online so regular joes can do their best to be like Tom Brady! Thank you, Mr. Brady!

Inspired by Tom Brady’s routine, Mac Jones has embraced a brand new diet to get into the best shape of his life!

A mysterious box arrives at Mac Jones’s house!

We would love to hear what you’re eating, Mac Jones! We look forward to the new season of NFL football!

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