Don’t Tamper With Touchdown Tom

The NFL is on a roll when it comes to doling out punishments!

Yesterday the NFL finally ripped the band-aid off the Deshaun Watson case, and today Big Football took on their own Miami Dolphins. If you missed the headlines, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was accused of “tampering” with Star Quarterback and Entrepreneur Tom Brady.

Let’s take a look at the addition to the official “Punishment List” that hangs on the refrigerator at NFL headquarters.

Right where everyone in the NFL family can read it whenever they get a juice box!

If you can’t read the fine print, here is the Official NFL Punishment for the crime of “tampering” with another team’s QB or coach.

  • The NFL takes away one upcoming draft pick.
  • The offending party pays a hefty fine–checks are made out to “Roger Goodell”.
  • The offending party gets a suspension, and Roger Goodell calls his or her parents to tell them about the suspension. (Parents then have the option to enforce an additional penalty, like grounding or no screen time.)
  • Team ownership is given to Pop Icon Fergie to manage as she sees fit until the suspension is over.

We’re glad that the NFL cleared this up so we’re all on the same page! GL with team ownership, Fergie!

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