Will Notre Dame Have to Join an NCAA Football Conference?

Notre Dame is famous for being an independent in the world of NCAA NFL-Jr. salaried player football conferences! Notre Dame plays who they want to play, gosh darn it (note: because Notre Dame is a Catholic university, you can’t say the real “gdi” words!), and they don’t answer to no one (except for God and Jesus) (and maybe a few alumni, probably).

Notre Dame is hoping to keep their football independence and play whatever cool teams they feel like regardless of conferences, and they need your money help!

Notre Dome’s famous Golden Dame! Rumor has it, if you walk up those steps as a freshman, you are destined to not graduate!

If Big Rome can get enough moolah, then the Fighting Irish can keep playing cool and fun teams. And bonus–if you help them reach their goal of only $75 million dollars, then you are guaranteed a spot in heaven! So donate to the Free Football Fund and then you can be a total and do whatever ed up you want, and you’ll still go to the fun heaven place where you can chill with your pals Jesus, Saint Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Muhammad, Buddha, and Richard “Tricky Man” “Dick” Nixon (don’t worry, he was super sorry for the bad things he did) and pop open a brewski with them and watch all the mortals play NFL football in their meaty flesh garb while you’re rocking some sick angel bod. (And trust us, Mother Theresa is UNSTOPPABLE at fantasy football, you’ll want to get in good with her.)

So what are you waiting for? Help secure Notre Dome’s spot as a sassy, independent football team AND secure your ticket to heave!

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