Don’t Forget To Watch Final Bracket

Just because it’s April doesn’t mean March Madness is over!

Even if you made that mistake and forgot to watch the Final Final games, you can still check out the Final Two! Which is even more final than the four.

And the most elite Two/Fourths of the Final Four are the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Kansas Jayhawks. You don’t have to know what a tar heel or a jayhawk is to watch the game, you can just grab yourself a beer and tune in to watch some cool NCAA Jr. NBA players.

Are you ready?

Hang your March Madness decorations back up! Even if you have to pull them out of the trash, just throw on some gloves and get ready for some Mad April.

If you still can’t get excited about some good old fashioned basketball, you can always make it more interesting by betting next week’s paycheck on the game. Download the Cash Flusher app today!

GL to the Kansas and North Carolina folks! Just remember, if you have fun, then you’re a winner no matter what the scoreboard says!

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