New NFL OT rules are “nightmare” for Madden ’23 Programmers

The release of everyone’s favorite football game may be pushed back due to coding changes necessary to program the new NFL overtime rules.

“I don’t get it,” vented one Madden coder. “Why couldn’t they just make overtime the same for every game?”

“Sports isn’t my forte,” said another, “but I’m so confused. What does this accomplish, except making our lives a living hell for the next several months?”

The desk of a “Madden” programmer! You might want to get a better keyboard, champ!

Times could be tough for folks who were hoping to get their copy of Madden ’23 on August 19th! We’ll see if the programmers can power through and finish the game.

One thing is for sure, the computer experts at Madden are the real MVPs of the football!


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