How’s Your Madness Bracket?

March Madness can be a cruel mistress!

Every few years, a number one seed loses early. There’s no predicting when it will happen, and it could happen to any team! So what do you do when you make your bracket and how does society judge you based on your picks?

Option 1 – Number One Seeds All the Way, Baby!
Let’s say you pick the number one seeds to win the first round and it happens. Well, duh. Of course that happened, dum dum. Why would you pick an upset that early? Did you actually think a #16 was going to be a #1 team? Quit patting yourself on the back and get back to work!

Option 2 – Number One Seeds going ALL THE WAAAAAY–but only on your bracket, not irl.
Wtf is wrong with you? Did you do any research? Or did you just pick the better number every time? You know it doesn’t work like that, there’s always a wild upset every year! You have brought shame upon your entire March Fantasy Madness League.


Option 3 – Number One Seeds Make It Through Round Two LET’S GOOOOOOO
Wow. Yeah, that’s original. Even if that works out, you’re still a fool for just trusting the numbers. Did you do any research? Oh, you did? Well, research harder next time, you clown.

Option 4 – Number One #1 Seeds get knocked out Round Two, but you picked them to make it TO THE FINAL FOR
Now everyone knows what a lazy bum you are. Great job bowing down to BIG MATH. Now look where you are. You’re out $20 and your boss thinks you’re a chump.

Wow. Basically, you’re ed if you do, ed if you don’t. So just sit back and enjoy the Madness!


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