Drug Addict Medina Spirit Stripped of Kentucky Derby Medal

Last year, horse athlete and recreational (or maybe a little more than recreational?) drug user Medina Spirit shocked the world when he tested positive for an impressive amount of illegal substances following his Kentucky Derby win.

As of today, that victory is no more!

Medina Spirit’s win was officially nullified by the Official Horse Committee of Racing.

Unfortunate for Medina Spirit! Although he did become a celebrity of sorts outside the racing and horse community. Young adults loved his casual attitude about drugs and sticking it to the man. Mr. Spirit even got to be on a cereal box! The highest achievement for any athlete.

Kentucky Derby gambling winners still await news on how to give back the money they won.

Where is Medina Spirit now?

That took a dark turn!

Yikes. RIP Medina Spirit! May the fields of horse heaven be filled with weed!

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