Aaron Rodgers’ Cryptic IG Post Baffles NFL Community

The entire National Football Community was in debate about the latest Instagram Tweet from Current Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Many speculate that Rodgers has played his last season with the Packers and is looking to move on to greener pastures. And his latest twit on Meta-gram seems to both prove and disprove that theory!

Nothing about this makes any sense.

We’re no conspiracy theorists, but that has to be code for something.

Some say the clock symbolizes that Rodgers’ time is up with the Packers. The broken television could mean that he isn’t planning on watching any football next year–and the NFL community is split 50/50 on if that’s because he’ll be playing football on Sundays or if he’s looking to make a clean break with all of football. Those who believe Rodgers will return for the Packers next year argue that the broken TV represents all that’s wrong with the NFL and Rodgers is throwing it in a Packers-colored trash can to symbolize starting anew with the organization. People who think Rodgers will play for a different team next season believe the green trash can is symbolic of the Packers and the broken TV stands for broken promises from Packers HQ.

And who is the aardvark? Is Rodgers comparing Coach Matt LaFleur to a bug-eating animal that lives underground? What is 25 years a reference to? We know he hasn’t been with the Packers for that long. And what about the story? Is Rodgers looking to write his own story with a different team or the same team or no team?

Until he breaks his silence, we can only guess!

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