Brian Kelly Fake Accent Drives Away Key Recruit

You heard it here first! Maybe.

Three-star tight end and future NCAA player Danny Lewis, who had shared an impromptu video of himself doing some sweet dance moves with new LSU coach Brian Kelly, has committed to Alabama.

And the internet was quick to blame Brian Kelly’s dance moves, which have been described by some as “unwatchable”, “embarrassing”, “hideous”, “vomit-inducing”, and “dumb”.

Good point about the stars, there should be a zero option.

However sources close to high school football NCAA-Jr. NFL-Jr.-Jr. tight end Lewis report that Mr. Lewis thought Coach Kelly’s dance moves were “not bad for an old guy, kinda fun. Like a goofy uncle.” Mr. Lewis could have seen himself doing some cool dances, like the Cha Cha Slide or Cupid Shuffle, with LSU teammates and Coach Kelly at football practices. It could have been a match made in heaven–if not for Coach Kelly’s newfound Southern accent.

Reportedly Tight End Lewis told friends and family, “I just can’t stand it. It’s like being coached by a knockoff Foghorn Leghorn. I can’t do that for three years, man. It’s just unnatural. I’m out.”

Frogburn Eggborn

It’s okay to be yourself, Coach Brian Kelly! Dance like nobody’s watching and talk like you grew up in Massachusetts!


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