2022 NFL Mock Draft

It’s that time of year again! Sports analysts everywhere are doing their own 2022 NFL Drafts and guessing where all the NCAA NFL-Jr. players are going to go when they finally get their shot in the pros! No better content then these pretend drafts and analyses of the pretend drafts.

Well, our first official mock draft turned out to be quite the event!

The Jacksonville Jaguars pick is first–and they decided to trade! To the New York Jets. Bold move, Jaguars! Well, the Jets must have been having some phone or walkie-talkie issues because the clock ran out before they could make their pick! That sure doesn’t happen very often!

The Detroit Lions pick is second, and the Lions straight-up sold their pick to the Minnesota Vikings! What???! We guess you can’t beat cold hard cash! Then the Vikings traded their pick to the Seattle Seahawks who traded it to the Denver Broncos who traded it to the Las Vegas Raiders who traded it back to the Detroit Lions who then sold the pick again this time to the New England Patriots. We don’t even know what to say about this one, but the Lions could do some major renovations with that kind of money! The Patriots were about to make their pick when the dude who reads the little card tripped and fell, and time ran out.

On to pick number three! The Houston Texans staff were too wrapped up in their game of Fortnite at the home office, so time ran out again.

Three days later, 20 of the picks had been sold and the rest had timed out. Not a single rookie player was drafted! You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Draft Grade: a solid F! Better come in for test corrections after school.

The for real non-mock NFL Draft begins on April 28th, so you still have some time to research other analysts’ mock drafts before you make your bets in the Cash Flusher app. GL!

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