Brian Kelly Comments on LSU’s Season Opener

LSU fans were disappointed to see the Tigers lose their first game of the season at home.

“This sucks, man. It really takes the wind out of your sails,” said the freshman tailgating beer pong champion.

What did Massachusetts-native head coach Brian Kelly have to say about the heart-breaking loss to the Florida Seminoles?

“Well, ah do declare,” began Coach Kelly, who spent the last decade living in Indiana, “this game just took the grits right off of my plate.”

Coach Kelly delivers post-game remarks.

“But y’all better hold your horses! Y’all barkin’ up the wrong tree if you think the Tigers won’t be in the College Playoffs. We’re fixin’ to win out the rest of the season, if the creek don’t rise.”

You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth! We can’t wait to see LSU in action again next weekend.

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