Washington Team Revealed Name to Empty Room

The former Washington Footballs spent the equivalent of four rookie salaries to throw a big name reveal bash! They sent out save the dates and invitations and then ordered a cake big enough to feed 300 guests. So why didn’t anyone show up for the big reveal on Tuesday?

Reportedly the would-be guests thought the reveal event was cancelled after the internet hacked the team’s new name last month. But in a major twist! The name that was leaked isn’t even the right name!

This week, people all over the internet met the Washington Commanders. And here is what citizens of the world wide web had to say!

We feel you, Fecesbook. We also liked the name Footballs.

Seems like there was a little confusion out there!

Folks on the Facefart app don’t hold back!

Even though the internet wasn’t excited, the Washington Commanders Formerly Known as Footballs team members and staff enjoyed the Name Reveal Party. And everyone was able to take home leftover cake for their friends and family!

No wonder no one showed up, someone leaked the cake flavor! Order chocolate next time, Einsteins.

Welcome to the world, Washington Commanders!

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