New Internet Craze: NFL Combine Challenge PART TWO

Have you done the NFL Combine Challenge yet? Well, if you have, get ready for PART TWO! If you haven’t, Part One is a prerequisite for Part Two. So get moving!

Part Two of the NFL Combine Challenge is a written test! Yuck, we thought we wouldn’t see any more of these after 10th grade! You might think a test about football sounds easy, maybe even fun–it must be full of cool football trivia, right? Wrong!

Take a peek inside the controversial test that Big NFL Inc. doesn’t want you to see!

This is a piece of cake!
Oh that escalated quickly.

Thankfully the NFL is doing away with this archaic part of the draft. Written tests are so 2012! Also the Big Wigs at NFL HQ finally finished reading How to be Less of an A-hole for Businesses! They started reading this book last year, and the results made the Mega-Corporation of Big Football slightly less monstrous. Way to go, Football!

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