New Internet Craze: The NFL Combine Challenge!

Do you miss college football already? Have you already started a countdown timer for the NFL Combine Day One on March 1st? Well, folks, you might be ready to try the NFL Combine Challenge!

Here’s what you have to do for the NFL Combine Challenge.

  • Bench Press 225 lbs. This isn’t some “Toilet Fart” challenge, folks! To win the Football Combo Challenge, you have to bench press 225 lbs as many times as you can. But to be a true rockstar, you have to lift that puppy more than 40 times! So grab your free weights and smart phone, and get pumping some iron!
  • Physical Measurements. Can you measure your wingspan? Cool! Because that is part of the challenge and athletes also have wingspan measurements. You will need: your arms, your legs, some other parts probably, and a ruler.
  • Vertical Jump. Jump as high as you can! Easy peasy! No fancy supplies needed!
  • 40-yard dash. Another one that needs no supplies, you just have to run across 40 yards. Pretty straight-forward. The difficulty level probably depends on how long the yards are, though, and if you need to cross any streets or wait at a stoplight. The NFL should probably standardize this for the athletes, don’t you think?
  • Drug Screen. This one can be tricky! If you previously completed the “Badass Steroid” challenge, you might not be able to pass this one!
  • 3-Cone Drill. We’ve seen a lot of NFL players getting into trouble with their cars. See if you can drive like a professional athlete!
Nailed it!

That’s it! If you become internet famous doing this challenge, let us know!

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