Bengals Blow Out Raiders

In one of the wildest, most controversial games in NFL Wildcard History, the Cincinnati Bengals blew out the Las Vegas Raiders in a special Saturday Edition of Monday Night Football!

But Raiders and non-Cincinnati fans are calling it a hollow victory led by Head Official and Newly-Recruited Bengal 12th-Man Jerome Boger.

Mr. Boger and his team of officials made a series of questionable calls throughout the game. It started off at kick-off. As soon as the ball was caught, Boger and friends ruled the play a Bengals touchdown. Whoa!! Cincinnati fans went wild! Then Raiders coach Rich Bisaccia called a timeout, the officials blew a whistle, and called another Bengals touchdown! The Raiders decided well, alright, clearly this is just going to be a challenging game for us, let’s buckle down and score some touchdowns! So the Raiders drove downfield, scored a touchdown, and started to celebrating–until Mr. Boger announced the ruling on the field! “Touchdown Cincinnati.”

And that’s just how the game went. At first, the Cincinnati fans at the game were excited about how much their team was winning. But then, after securing a 400-point lead, the fans started to get bored. About 80% of the people in attendance left at the half to go home and finish up some yard work and cook dinner and help their kids with their homework.

After the half, as the Bengals exited the locker room, Bengals QB Joe Burrow jogged up to Jerome Boger to find out if the officials couch cool it on the touchdown calls. But as he jogged over, Joe Burrow’s foot apparently crossed the end zone and Jerome Boger ruled yet another Bengals touchdown.

Dean Blandino pointed out that Joe Burrow’s foot didn’t actually cross the plane. But the other players hadn’t even lined up yet!

How much money did you lose on the game? The “Cash Flusher” app is currently taking bets on which game Jerome Boger will officiate next, so don’t miss your chance to get in on the action!

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